New Sophia Diagnostic Tests

The new ECDL launched on January 1st and included a presentation of the new testing system Sophia, which will become the required certification system starting in summer 2014. Sophia diagnostic tests are already available for Windows and can be downloaded on our portal. Will there be diagnostic tests for Mac too?

Celebrating the new ECDL

On an information event in Bregenz, ECDL Switzerland and the computer technology company OCG gave a special workshop, providing a first glance on Sophia diagnostic testing on MACs. We from attended and had a first look on the product and presented our order platform.

Sophia diagnostic tests for MAC OS X

The MAC functionality of Sophia is basically the same as on Windows machines. You download the software, launch it and enter the diagnostic test code. This will unlock the corresponding tests and the system automatically recognizes which version of the test needs to be started (according to the OS data and the installed office software version).

The testing questions are in-application tests too, meaning that the software will open the office software and display the task or text for the user. The user needs to complete the task and after he clicks "answer" the system will automatically check it. A special volume will be displayed to save and store the test data. The system works very similar to the Windows version.

When can I get the tests?

Even though the Mac tests were already quite stable in March, it will take some time to polish the software for a public release. We were able to convince the developers to make the software available to us as soon as possible and therefore we will be one of the first partners to get Sophia for MACs.

If you would like to be notified once we get Sophia please send us a short message with your e-mail address.

Update 02.05.2014: MAC diagnostic testing should be available around mid-June.

Update 20.06.2014: MAC diagnostic testing is now available for ordering!

Blogged on 22.04.2014
By Gregor Favre