The new ECDL from January 2014

Two weeks ago, the information event of ECDL Switzerland took place at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Zurich. was there too to learn about the "New ECDL. Most interesting part for us was the switch to the new testing system, and how diagnostic tests will be looking like.


New ECDL - What is new? 

  • ECDL Start becomes ECDL Base
  • ECDL Core becomes ECDL Standard
  • ECDL Advanced is going to be the same as before

The contents of the modules Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation and Databases were not modified, and can be tested based on the old or the new ECDL.

New Modules

  • ECDL Base Computer Essentials: Reflects mostly the modules 1+2 of the old ECDL
  • Online Essentials: Reflects mostly the module 7 of the old ECDL
  • IT Security: Completely new module
  • Image Editing: Completely new module

The ECDL Advanced will be the same as before.

When is the new ECDL going to be live?

Starting January 1st 2014, all providers of ECDL courses will have the possibility to migrate to the new ECDL. Candidates who started with the old ECDL, still have the possibility to complete remaining modules until 2015 by the old system. Every course provider can chose itself, when they want to migrate to the new ECDL, but latest in July 2014.

Will there still be diagnostic tests?

Of course! Those who want to finish their modules with the old testing system still can get the EnlightKS diagnostic tests from

The same will be possible for the new Sophia diagnostic tests. As of today, we are currently working with the new test provider, so that can serve you the new tests as well beginning with January 1st 2014.

Blogged on 14.10.2013
By Gregor Favre