New Sophia Diagnostic Tests

Last year, we provided reports about the "New ECDL", and stated that a new test platform with new diagnosis tests would be available shortly. In October, we undertook the task of cooperating on the test platform with the developers, so that we could provide the new tests on as well.

At that time, we could gain insight into the new testing system, and we wanted to gain insight into the blog article and transmit it. In all probability, we will be able to connect the Sophia Tests by the end of the week - those who have been observing our ECDL Portal for Diagnosis Tests will have noticed that nearly everything is ready for that here!

Ordering Procedure

This is largely the same as before:

  1. Choose the relevant ECDL module
  2. Provide your email address and make the payment
  3. New: Download the Test Software and carry out the test

We find the new solution with the Sophia test software to be a bit more convenient than the previous solution of EnlightKS. You download the software, and you can use it to find all of the answers to all of the tests - as long as you have your personal, correct access code at your disposal. It doesn't need any Java on the computer any more. This used to cause problems all the time. An additional advantage is that the software automatically recognises the installed office versions (and Windows) , and starts the appropriate test for the installed versions.

Procedure of the test

After having entered the access codes, all of the available Diagnosis tests are shown. After you have clicked on the one which you wish to take, the real test begins. During the test, a lower part of the screen is taken up by a special toolbar, in which the test questions are to be found. You can navigate this toolbar during the exam. The remaining windows remain available as workspace.

Evaluation of the Diagnosis Tests

Immediately after you have completed the test, the evaluation is shown. Moreover, it states if each individual question was answered correctly or incorrectly. Likewise, the correct answer is shown, and, in addition to this, for larger exercises, a more detailed manner of solving a problem is provided in note form.


The new diagnosis tests by Sophia are transparent, and they do not have any high system requirements. The ordering procedure is easy, and the disconnection from the given email address occurs within a few seconds. The questions are realistic, very similar to the ones in the real exams, and the detailed evaluation allows you to get very well prepared for the actual exam. For this reason, the diagnosis tests are definitely an asset for anybody who does not yet feel absolutely confident, or who simply wants to take a clear stand once and for all.

Blogged on 05.01.2014
By Gregor Favre
Translated by Kat Miller